25+ Must-Have Cool Gaming Desk Accessories For Gamers

Gaming Desk Accessories

What makes a gamer look professional? Definitely, the skills matter the most, but there’s something else fundamental, and that is the setup. You’ve probably seen the gamer’s corner quite distinguished with its aesthetic gaming desk accessories. The cool gaming desk accessories are not only aesthetically appealing but also help in battling. Be it a stylish chair, mouse, headset, or keyboard, there are 25+ must-have gaming desk accessories for every gamer. Are you wondering where to get them all? Don’t worry; coming up next, you’ll find them all under one roof. So check it out now!

Gaming Desk

All the best desk accessories for gamers begin with a gaming desk. Anything you like to include in your setup will be placed on your gaming desk. With that said, your desk is pivotal to your gaming setup, so it’s a must-accessory for you.

You can also experience fantastic features like angle adjustment, height adjustment, and non-slipping surface.

Gaming Chair

An ideal position is crucial during intense gaming and that you can only get by a gaming chair. Nowadays, gaming chairs are a vital part of your setup as it helps you to get an optimal gaming experience.

You not only get looks but comfort as well, including height adjustment and back and forearm rest. So don’t forget to choose the pillar of your gaming setup.

Gaming Mouse

You cannot rely on a regular mouse for gaming purposes. Gaming involves multiple key strikes for quick navigation; a routine mouse cannot help you with that. Hence having a professional gaming mouse in your setup is a must.

For instance, games like COD require targeting, shooting, and changing weapons under one control. So a gaming mouse with multiple buttons is essentially required here.


What professionals must have, is a gaming keyboard. Although every keyboard works, precisely the same, gaming keyboards have some leverage over others. It is a great gaming desk accessory as the keys are structured optimally for gaming and typing.

To make it more aesthetically appealing, keys are lightened with LED colors that help you play in dark/dim light. So make sure to enlist it as well.


Gaming for extended hours often leads to back and leg aches. So it is crucial to arrange some rest opportunities as well. Footrests are the best way to do it as it helps the player to maintain a good posture.

They are comfortable and imperative to include in gaming desk accessories.


Is it even gaming without speakers? And when we say speakers, we don’t just mean ordinary speakers. We are talking about the bass, sound quality, frequency, portability, and ergonomics only found in gaming speakers.

Gaming speakers are among the cool gaming accessories for a desk that every gamer must have. It ranges from budget to premium options, so flex accordingly.


Headsets are another must gaming accessory for your desk. If you’re someone who doesn’t want to blast speakers while playing, then headsets are essential for your gaming setup. Do you know what the best thing about gaming headsets is? They come with a noise-cancellation feature!

It eliminates all the disturbing noises from bothering you and helps you focus on the game efficiently. Make sure you don’t miss it.

Headset Hanger

Do you get the gaming headset for your desk? Great! Now, do you know where to put it when not in use? That’s where you must have a headset hanger in your setup. You’ve probably seen that professional gamers hang their headsets in designated places because it’s unfair to throw them unevenly on your system when not using them.

Not just is it safe to preserve your headset, but it also looks fantastic.


Universal Serial Bus connectivity will never be outdated, no matter how wireless your system is. So having a USB hub in your desk gaming accessories is a must. It helps you connect multiple components, like a keyboard, mouse, speakers, and headset, to your computer.

The best thing is now USB hubs that are portable and aesthetically cool, enhancing your gaming desk look with them.

Charging Dock

Does your phone’s battery often get down while gaming for an extended period? Instead of leaving the desk to grab a charger, get a charging dock on a desk. It’s one of the most convenient accessories every gamer must have on its setup.

Just plug your phone in, charge it within your reach and make sure you don’t miss any important call/message.

HD Webcam

How would the world know you’re extremely good at beating noob players in the game? You’ve probably seen professional gamers streaming their live gaming sessions on their Facebook and Youtube channels. And that’s where your desk must have an HD webcam.

It not only helps the audience watch your game but also allows you to interact with expert gamers as well. So yeah! HD Webcam is a must.


Although modern webcams have mics pre-installed, you must have a separate microphone for a clear voice-out. This is another accessory many pro gamers have on their desk. Such investment allows you to talk with your gamer friends during intense sessions. And if you intend to share the live screen with the audience, then a microphone becomes imperative.

Cup Holder

Some gaming accessories are not only aesthetically appealing but also helpful, and a cup holder is among them. Placing your cup/beverages without a cup holder is hazardous because gaming desks often become very messy. And definitely don’t want your cold drink/ coffee to spill on the desk and ruin it.

So it would be best if you had a cup holder on your desk.


Gaming PCs often require quick fixing, and one who can use a screwdriver can build a PC. With that being said, you must have a screwdriver in your gaming desk accessories. Professional gamers often need to fix, repair, and upgrade their PC component, so having a magnetic screwdriver is a blessing in disguise.

The screwdriver is handy and takes minimum space on your desk.

LED Lighting

Brightening up space around your system helps in preventing your eyes from straining. Gamers often spend hours on their PCs, which causes eye-straining. The best way to reduce the apprehension is by using LED lighting strips around the corner of your room. They come in long inches and cover maximum space; also, they look aesthetically excellent. So do include it!

Desk Air Purifier

Eliminate the unpleasant air around with a desk air purifier. To get the optimal gaming experience, you need a pleasant odor around your desk. It helps the player cherish the mood and enables him to focus effectively on the game. You can find these all cute gaming desk accessories one click away.


Do you miss the outside world during extended hours of gaming? Well, everyone needs a break, but what if you revolve nature around yourself? Yes, that’s right, some pro gamers keep the small decorative plant near their screen. It keeps your momentum uninterrupted and shows your love for nature as well.

Check out some of the excellent decorative plants!

Cable Kit

Building a PC means handling countless wires and cables incorporated with it. Seriously! It is one of the complex things to handle all the cables hanging around your system. Above all, it gives a very lousy and messy look overall.

And being a pro, you don’t want that to happen, right?

That’s why a cable kit is a must in your gaming desk accessories. A cable management kit keeps your wires in a very organized manner and increases their durability.

Monitor Stand

The monitor is foremost an essential part of your setup hence keeping it safe is mandatory for every gamer. That’s why you must have the monitor on your gaming desk, and it helps your position the screen accurately.

A monitor screen is built sturdy and holds the monitor screen carefully. Moreover, it helps you adjust and rotate the screen as suits you and create extra space for additional accessory storage. So make sure you don’t skip this in gaming desk accessories.

Dust Kit

Dust particles are the biggest enemy of a gamer. Do you know why? Because it ruins the gaming equipment miserably. That’s why your gaming desk should be neat and tidy all the time. However, no matter how careful you remain in keeping your setup dust free, your gaming setup attracts dust particles one way or other.

Therefore, it is mandatory to vacuum the tiny dust particles with a cleaner. So you must have a dust management kit on your desk that comes with a portable vacuum cleaner. It is portable, quick, and easy to use.

Cell Phone Stand

We always need our phones near us during extended hours of gaming. But keeping your phone in an undesignated place can be harmful. Your elbow might strike it, and it may fall off the desk. Similarly, your cold drink/coffee can be spilled over it.

Here, it would be best if you had a cell phone stand that places your phone in an organized manner. Moreover, it leaves a very appealing impression overall.


There’s one accessory that is present on every gaming and study desk― a desk lamp. A desk lamp is an essential accessory in your gaming desk as the light plays a crucial role in your setup. Having a desk lamp shows your professionalism towards gaming or other tasks.

At present, modern desk lamps come with a USB switch that creates further convenience for the player. You can simply connect the switch to your USB hub.

Large Mouse Pad

Unlike ordinary mouse pads, a giant mouse pad keeps your mouse durable for longer. As the mouse plays an integral role in gaming, therefore, it must be organized efficiently. Therefore, you need an extra-large mouse pad that gives you a smooth gaming experience.

It not only gives you an optimal gaming experience but gives a lavish look as well. These large mouse pads come with excellent quality, which is smooth and non-stick. Above all, they are affordable, so make sure you get such cool gaming desk accessories.

Wall Art

Not only you must decorate your gaming desk, but other room corners as well. You would’ve probably seen a professional gamer’s setup. They decorate their rooms and set up corners with artistic wall art. These wall art are customized, and you can get anyone you want.

I am a Tekken fan and have wall art of several players in my gaming setup. Do you want to give a pleasing look to your setup? Then you must have gaming desk accessories like wall art.


Do you know what a figurine is? If you play video games, some figures known as figurines are created for you. The most well-known are video game characters. These tiny creatures come in a variety of sizes and shapes.

They come in a variety of colors and frequently include accessories such as swords or guns. These figurines are available for all of the game’s main characters. GTA V figurines have been placed on my gaming setup, giving my battle station a fantastic cool look.


Having a backlight behind your wall relieves eye strain while adding ambient lighting to your desk setup. There it would help if you had a backlight behind your screen. For this purpose, we like the versatile Philips Hue Play light bars, especially its light sync feature.

The Play light bars can sync with the colors of your screen to enhance the experience whether you’re gaming or watching videos. They are, however, expensive, so if you don’t mind static light colors, inexpensive LED strips will suffice.


How To Organize Gaming Desk Accessories?

The best desk accessories for gamers come with a helpful guide for their placement. Consult the guidebook for an organization.

Can I Get All these Accessories From Here?

Yes, definitely; click on your desired accessory, and it’ll take you to the purchasing stage. Click on “Add To Cart” and enjoy.

How To Make Gaming Desk More Aesthetic?

LED strips are extremely used for aesthetic purposes. They come in long forms and can create a magnificent color scheme around your gaming desk.

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Wrap Up

Gaming accessories not only gives a professional look but also polishes gaming skills. Having these accessories on your desk leaves a great impression on viewers. So, what are you waiting for?  Get your hands on these must-have gaming desk accessories and take your gaming experience to the next level.

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