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Best Under Desk USB Hub: Expand Your Connectivity

Best Under Desk USB Hub

Are you tired of constantly plugging and unplugging devices from your computer? Do you find yourself running out of USB ports? Look no further than the best under desk USB hub. This innovative solution allows you to expand your connectivity and conveniently access multiple USB ports without cluttering your workspace. In this article, we will explore the top options available in the market, discuss their features, benefits, and help you make an informed decision. Let’s dive in!

Introduction to Under Desk USB Hubs

Before we delve into the best under desk USB hubs, let’s understand what they are and how they can enhance your productivity. An under desk USB hub is a device that can be mounted underneath your desk or workspace, providing easy access to additional USB ports. It eliminates the need for reaching behind your computer or searching for available ports, making it a convenient solution for connecting various peripherals simultaneously.
Under desk USB hubs come in different configurations, offering multiple USB ports, along with additional features such as charging capabilities, data transfer speeds, and power delivery. These hubs are designed to streamline your workflow, reduce cable clutter, and improve overall efficiency. Now, let’s explore the best options available in the market.

Best Under Desk USB Hubs: Top Picks for Enhanced Connectivity


  • Total USB Ports: 2
  • Total HDMI Ports: 1
  • Number of Ports: 12
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 10.94 x 1.96 x 0.59 inches
  • Wattage: 75 watts
  • Power Delivery: 60W

Upgrade your connectivity and simplify your workspace with the USB C HUB, Upgraded TOTU 13 in 1 Type C Hub Dongle Adapter. This versatile and high-performance docking station is designed for Windows and MacBook Pro USB C systems, offering seamless connectivity and enhanced productivity.

With its 4K Dual HDMI and DP support, this hub allows you to connect multiple displays simultaneously, delivering stunning visuals and expanding your viewing experience. Immerse yourself in vibrant colors and crystal-clear images, whether you’re gaming, editing multimedia, or working on multiple tasks.

The macOS support provides mirror display functionality, making it effortless to connect and display content on compatible devices. Experience seamless integration and enjoy the convenience of a unified workspace.

Say goodbye to cable clutter and welcome a clutter-free environment. The USB C HUB offers a wide range of connectivity options, including USB-C ports, USB-A ports, SD and microSD card slots, an Ethernet port, and an audio jack. Connect your favorite devices, transfer data at lightning-fast speeds, and charge your devices simultaneously with the 75W Power Delivery.

Boost your productivity with ease. The USB C HUB enables you to run multiple applications, switch between tasks effortlessly, and take advantage of the triple display feature for a truly immersive working experience.

Designed with portability in mind, this hub is compact and lightweight, making it the perfect travel companion. Stay connected and productive wherever you go.

Upgrade your connectivity and streamline your workflow with the USB C HUB, Upgraded TOTU 13 in 1 Type C Hub Dongle Adapter. Embrace the power of seamless connectivity and unlock the full potential of your USB C system.

Order now and transform your workspace today!

2. TP-Link Powered USB Hub 3.0

  • Style: Port + 2 Charging Port
  • Data Transfer Speed: Up to 5 Gbps
  • Charging Capability: Yes

Introducing the TP-Link Powered USB Hub 3.0, the ultimate solution to expand your connectivity options and enhance your productivity. With its advanced features and sleek design, this hub is a must-have for any tech enthusiast or professional.

Boost your USB capabilities with high-speed data transfer rates of up to 5Gbps. The USB 3.0 technology ensures quick and efficient file transfers, allowing you to save time and get more done. Whether you’re transferring large files, backing up data, or connecting multiple peripherals, this hub delivers exceptional performance.

With its powered ports, the TP-Link USB Hub provides stable and reliable power to your devices. No more worries about insufficient power supply or unstable connections. Connect your external hard drives, printers, cameras, or any other USB devices with confidence, knowing that they will be powered and ready to use.

Designed with convenience in mind, this hub features multiple USB ports, allowing you to connect up to 7 devices simultaneously. Expand your options and eliminate the need for constantly swapping cables. The compact and lightweight design makes it perfect for both home and office use, as well as on-the-go professionals.

Forget about compatibility issues. The TP-Link Powered USB Hub 3.0 is fully compatible with various operating systems, including Windows, Mac, and Linux. Simply plug and play without the hassle of installing drivers or additional software.

Upgrade your workspace and simplify your life with the TP-Link Powered USB Hub 3.0. Experience the convenience of expanded connectivity, reliable power delivery, and high-speed data transfer. Get yours today and take your productivity to new heights!

3. Tiergrade USB-C Docking Station

  • Number of USB Ports: 4
  • Charging Capability: Yes
  • Hardware Interface: VGA, Ethernet, HDMI, USB 3.0, USB 2.0

Upgrade your USB-C 3.0 laptop with the Tiergrade USB C Hub – the ultimate solution for massive expandability and enhanced productivity. With its impressive array of ports, including 2 HDMI, VGA, RJ45 Ethernet, Type C PD 3.0 charging, 2 USB 3.0, 2 USB 2.0, Type C USB 3.0 Data Port, and SD & TF Card Readers, this docking station offers unparalleled versatility in a lightweight and portable design.

Experience the power of triple display functionality as you extend your laptop screen and stream 4k UHD or full HD 1080P video to external monitors. Say goodbye to a cluttered workspace and embrace a more productive working experience with the Tiergrade USB C Docking Station.

Power up your creativity and charge your devices faster than ever with the intelligent Power Delivery 3.0 technology. With up to 100W of charging power, this dock ensures shorter charging times and provides robust protection against overload, over-voltage, over-current, short circuit, and overcharge.

Enjoy ultra-fast and effortless data transfer with the 1000M Ethernet port for stable internet access, and take advantage of the 5Gbps transfer speed offered by the 3 USB 3.0 ports, SD Card, and TF Card Slots. The 2 USB 2.0 ports provide seamless connectivity for wireless mice and keyboards. Please note that the PD charging port is solely for charging and does not support data transmission.

Experience great versatility and enjoy the convenience of an ultra-portable design with the Tiergrade Laptop Docking Station. Say goodbye to the hassle of carrying multiple cable adapters and lighten your load with this all-in-one USB C Adapter. Its compact and lightweight design makes it perfect for travel or business trips, ensuring you stay connected and productive wherever you go.

Upgrade your USB-C 3.0 laptop today with the Tiergrade USB C Hub and unlock the full potential of your device. Simplify your connectivity, enhance your productivity, and make your travel or business trips less burdened. Order now and experience the difference!


Can I install an under desk USB hub myself?

Yes, installing an under desk USB hub is a straightforward process. Most hubs come with detailed instructions and mounting hardware. However, it’s important to ensure compatibility with your desk and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for installation.

Can I use an USB hub with a laptop?

Absolutely! Under desk USB hubs are compatible with laptops, desktop computers, and other devices with USB ports. They provide a convenient way to connect multiple peripherals simultaneously, making them an excellent choice for both home and office setups.

Are USB hubs suitable for gaming?

Yes, under desk USB hubs are suitable for gaming setups. They allow you to connect gaming accessories such as keyboards, mice, controllers, and headsets, providing a seamless gaming experience. Make sure to choose a hub with sufficient USB ports and fast data transfer speeds for optimal performance.

Can I connect external hard drives to an under desk USB hub?

Certainly! Under desk USB hubs are designed to support various peripherals, including external hard drives. They provide a reliable and convenient solution for expanding your storage capacity and accessing multiple hard drives simultaneously.

Are USB hubs compatible with all operating systems?

Yes, under desk USB hubs are compatible with major operating systems such as Windows, macOS, and Linux. They work seamlessly with these systems, allowing you to connect your devices without any compatibility issues.

Are there any drawbacks to using USB hubs?

While under desk USB hubs offer numerous benefits, it’s essential to consider a few potential drawbacks. Depending on the hub and the number of connected devices, there may be a slight decrease in data transfer speeds. Additionally, if you plan to use power-hungry devices, ensure that the hub provides sufficient power delivery to avoid any performance issues.


In conclusion, a high-quality under desk USB hub is an invaluable tool for enhancing your productivity and simplifying your workflow. By providing additional USB ports and convenient access, these hubs eliminate the hassle of constantly plugging and unplugging devices. Whether you’re a professional, a gamer, or a casual computer user, investing in the best under desk USB hub will undoubtedly improve your connectivity experience.

Choose a hub that suits your specific requirements, considering factors such as the number of USB ports, data transfer speeds, charging capabilities, and power delivery..

Expand your connectivity, declutter your workspace, and experience seamless multitasking with the best under desk USB hub. Upgrade your setup today!

Best Under Desk USB Hub: Expand Your Connectivity

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