How To Fit Two Monitors On A Small Desk – Tips And Tricks

Two Monitors On A Small Desk

Everyone loves having double screens on their working desk, which can be achieved by using a desk for dual monitors. But how to fit two monitors on a small desk? Is it possible to make your workplace look more organized while working on two screens? 

Most of us spend the maximum time of our lives on a desk, either for working purposes or gaming. People working as programmers or digital artists find it very difficult to work on only one screen. They need more than one screen to enhance their workflow. 

If you have a small desk, organizing and setting two monitors can be hard. It is only possible if you follow proper guidelines and remove extra clutter from your table. In this article, I’ve listed those exciting tips and tricks that can help you with how to fit two monitors on a small desk.

7 Tips That Help You Fit Two Monitors On A Small Desk

Follow these amazing tips on how to fit two monitors on a small desk and maximize your work output. 

Get a Monitor Arm

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If you want to adjust more than one screen on your small desk, using a monitor arm is the best option. Fix the monitor arm at the one end of the desk using the clamp. Now your monitor arm is ready to accommodate the load of another monitor screen. 

When you place the computer monitor on the monitor stand, it leaves extra free space on the desk surface. You can set your important devices, files, documents, or even books on the available free space. 

The monitor arm also allows you to move your screen according to your ease and comfort. As the monitor arm is secured through a phantom basement and moveable hook, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your computer monitor. 

Set Monitors in a V-Position

When you set your monitors side by side, they occupy more space. But, you will be surprised to know how arranging your dual monitors in a V position can free extra space on your desk. You can also enjoy two screens on your small desk by following this position setup. 

Choosing a corner position can help you in adjusting the V position better. But if you aren’t using a corner placement for your desk, curve your monitors to get a perfect V shape. Adjust both screens according to your ease and working load, and set the primary screen slightly near the secondary screen. 

Now utilize the free space in the middle to place your keyboard, mouse, or other small devices and enjoy a stress-free workplace. 

Use a Monitor Stand 

Many people like using a laptop while working on the computer monitor, but their desk is too small to adjust both devices at a time. That’s where a monitor stand helps you. 

Set the monitor stand, and place your computer monitor on it so that it easily gives support to your laptop. Both screens are in front of you and well adjusted on your small desk.

You can also use the compartments on the monitor stand to store different books, products, other files, etc. Also, make sure the placement of screens is right and doesn’t affect your health. 

Position the Monitors Vertically

Almost all the computer monitors available in the market have more width than height, and one monitor fills up more than half of the desk surface. If you have a small desk, you may find it difficult to adjust the dual monitors.

But fitting dual screens is quite a flexible job if you place one or both monitors vertically. Place both monitors vertically side by side, and you will get extra free space to store other important things. 

You can also achieve this vertical position by using a monitor arm and rotating it according to your comfort. At first, working on the monitor in a vertical position doesn’t look comfortable, but you’ll soon get accustomed to it. 

To avoid screen display rotation, go to settings and select the portrait option to prevent any change in display with a change in position. 

Buy Slim Design Monitors

If you have plans to arrange more than one screen on your small desk, investing in space-saving computer monitors is highly suggested. These monitors have a slim design, are compact, and occupy less space than typical monitors.

If you are planning to set up your workplace at home or office, it’d be good if you buy these computer monitors. These monitors can be quite expensive but worth it. After adjusting, you can have extra space to fit other small devices. 

Manage the Available Desk Space

Another amazing tip that helps you about how to fit two monitors on a small desk is by managing the already available desk space. If you want to place dual monitors on your small desk, make sure the desk is free of all the unnecessary and unused stuff. 

Many a time, by placing irrelevant stuff, you are intentionally limiting the space that can easily accommodate multiple screens. Keep your desk clean, arranged, and tidy. Only put the essential things along with dual monitors, and your workplace is ready. 

Create Extra Space

If you aren’t satisfied with any of the tricks mentioned above, this may be your cup of tea. You can create additional space on your small desk by attaching a separate piece of wood or any solid material. 

Secure this separate piece with nails and screws. Make sure you are using high-quality material and screws to assure the safety of your monitor. In this way, you can place the second computer on this self-created shelf. 

There’s plenty of free space available on your small desk to store your small devices and important documents.

What’s The Best Position To Sit With Dual Monitors Setup?

If you are using two monitors at a time for different purposes, there’s a high possibility that you are using one screen more than the other. So, place the more used or primary screen in front of your eyes and the secondary screen in a semi-front position. The best position for a dual monitor setup is achieved by making a circular position with your monitors. 

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How To Give Your Working Desk A Nice Look? 

You can use various gadgets to improve the outlook of your working desk, such as to monitor arms or monitor stands. Monitor arms and monitor stands provide extra desk space to accommodate and set many essential devices or files. 

Also, keep your desk well managed and clutter-free. More mess means more distractions. So, the best thing you can do to enhance your productivity is to organize your desk nicely. Hide the cables and wires connected to your monitors set up, and your elegant-looking workplace is ready. 

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Having more than one screen for work sounds best, but how to fit two monitors on a small desk? Some desks are too small to accommodate even one monitor, and setting dual monitors can only be achieved by following the above-discussed tips and tricks. I hope this piece of writing helped you in setting your favorite working station with two monitors.

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